LAP-BAND Companion

Mark J. Watson, MD
Daniel B. Jones, MD

The Obsession

The lifelong struggle to become thinner has become an obsession for many people. Often the effort has taken the form of an unsuccessful, restrictive or unhealthy diet. A myriad of new books, magazine articles and late-night infomercials advertise such plans. Frequently these attempts are temporarily helpful, but in the end, one ends up in the same place where they started. In this new millennium, we have a new way.

This is exciting!

With a tool called the Lap Band in place, ordinary people can eat regular food in a way that allows them to achieve permanent and lasting freedom from hunger. Reducing the amount eaten provides weight loss in an effective, comfortable, and healthy way.

"Lap Band Companion Handbook"

Let the "Lap Band Companion Handbook" be the guide for your journey towards a healthier, happier, and fuller life. This book will direct you towards the lifestyle changes that are necessary to not only lose excess weight through comfortably eating less, but also keep it off for life. Come join us on this road to freedom.

The "Lap Band Companion Handbook" is unique from the outset. The authors and publisher are experienced in producing accurate scientific publications for the medical profession. The "Lap Band Companion Handbook" was crafted to bring this background to the public in an easily readable package that will provide a foundation to support those embarking on this journey.

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